Family Strokes Review

Family Strokes

What's inside

This is actually my dad’s favourite website and I’m so glad he recommended it to me.

Before you get all judgy, no, it’s not like you’re stroking it to your actual family. But we humans are curious creatures, taboo subject matters call our attention, haunt us, there’s so much mystery shrouding the taboo. If we can explore things ourselves, we can understand why it’s so bad or wrong. Spanking it to your step-sister is morally wrong to most people… but not someone else’s step-sister from a safe distance! That’s why you’re a dirty old pervert. It’s normal!… Right? The Brady Bunch did it…

There’s something to be said about a gripping story in porn, the psychological thrill can remind us why having a dirty secret is the most exciting thing that can happen to us in our boring lives. So you come for your surrogate step-sister, the girl who would be in your house all the time and actually says words to your face, and stay for the plot. That’s what FamilyStrokes does best, without compromising on quality.

You get the full production here and it helps that the pornstars are insanely hot. Cinematography and expert camera work has its place in porn here, you’re getting a full production.

FamilyStrokes delivers flawlessy as a platform for roleplay incest. However, what I’m in disbelief over is the fact they still show advertisements to paying members. It’s $116 for a 12 month membership, so there’s no justification for adverts. Clearly you’re paying for high quality videos, but it would definitely rate higher with me if there were no ads.

And while the videos are beautifully titled and the thumbnails are as sexy as the videos, there’s also no related videos below which is a personal grievance. I also think the focus and genre is too narrow to justify a 12 month membership, in my opinion. It still gets a 9/10 from me though for the production quality alone.

Review Pros

  • Exclusive family porn (Full HD)
  • Great quality videos
  • Hot sexy models
  • Consistent update schedule
  • Great user interface

Review Cons

  • Ads on a pay site
  • No advanced search