PornHub Review


What's inside

What can I say about this website you don’t already know? It’s so popular the pornhub intro music is a popular meme to prank your friends with (try it!). PornhubComments, a subreddit on popular social networking site reddit, boasts nearly 1 million users. People even use it to upload videos taken down from youtube. My favourite pornhub video is the erotic masterpiece My Dad Setting up my Wii.

Pornhub is like the fast food of porn, you go in to get off quickly, even being guided with tags in the video so you can skip to the money shot. The most popular categories are not what I expected. With japanese, hentai, and teen being some of the most searched results of 2019. The categories are easy to search and access, my only complaint is I see the same videos all the time, even though the website updates new content more than any other site.

You can search by most viewed, most popular etc. And the videos are rated. Weirdly, the rating turns me off some videos because I’m wondering why it’s rated so low when the video is so hot and I go chasing the highest rated videos but they’re actually quite rare so I start to feel restricted.

Maybe that’s a personal problem. What really surprised me was how popular incest and step mom/dad searches are. Also video games and 3D monster porn.

For all its free content, 1080p is only available to premium members and costs $9.99 per month. Like Netflix with absolutely no chill. My favourite feature on Pornhub is the related videos, they’re not always relevant, but a quickie fap session is 10 times easier when you can easily move onto the next video.

I rate PornHub 8.5/10 because you do have a massive amount of options here and I have found amazing amateur uploaders and if that’s your thing. The most popular categories aren’t what appeal to me as a non-gamer, non-weeb, non-stepmotherfucker who isn’t a fan of the biggest porn stars (such as Belle Delphine, Mia Khalifa, Lana Rhodes…Kim Kardashian?). It feels like the site caters mostly to people looking for these things. If this is what you like though, you’ll rate Pornhub highter than me and love it.

Review Pros

  • Huge number of free videos
  • Fast video streaming
  • Updated daily
  • Lots of HD content

Review Cons

  • Some Ads
  • Paid 1080p content